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FBA Prep Services

Over the last twenty years of supporting brands selling online and to physical retail we have adapted our services. The goal is always to deliver the most cost effective solutions for clients whilst adding those services that will facilitate their growth.

Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon)

Utilising Amazon FBA is incredibly important to brands. The increase in visibility on the platform plus their handling of customer service alleviates many of the pressures on Amazon. Shipping until late at night and next day delivery has helped Amazon achieve their huge success.

We believe in using the best services available and our services are many ways tailored around supporting brands with FBA support as well as providing back up services during key periods such as Black Friday and Christmas Sales.

The last few years have been extremely volatile for brands to move their stock around the right locations and platforms to have them where their customers are. At Channel Fusion our data drive approach and comprehensive knowledge of the platforms has enabled performance optimisation.

Amazon MCF (Multichannel Fulfilment)

One of the key elements of Amazon is their late shipping times and delivery network. The trouble for many brands is that they are rather restricted on the other services they provide.

The opportunity to leverage the best parts of Amazon and have your website and other marketplace orders can add significant savings to brands. The key is to leverage the other services that can support this.

We are still not sure whether brands will trust Amazon after the restrictions they placed on brands during the pandemic, but we do believe set up correctly with a supporting logistics partner can bring great benefits to brands.

Best FBA Prep Fulfilment Services

We provide complimentary services to brands using Amazon FBA and Amazon MCF. Our knowledge of labelling, boxing and packaging requirements provides a trusted solution.

We also offer returns for clients allowing them to have a low involvement in their day to day operations. Running Amazon fulfilment can not only be time consuming but also every changing and our professional services provide pease of mind.

Contact our team to discuss how we can help you with best in class fulfilment.

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